Bitbucket , Git and the iPad Pro

We migrated off SVN to Bitbucket (YES!) which gives us great integration with our Jira setup plus it took care of some issues we were having with SVN. I spend the vast majority of my time on my 12.9 inch iPad Pro using Textastic as my editor of choice. Textastic plays very well in split screen mode with my SSH client and now that we are on Bitbucket I get access to our repositories.

To get this all working together you need to use an app called Working Copy to get access to the Bitbucket repositories. Once you get connected to your repositories you can open and edit the files in Textastic. On the left you will see options for Local Files, iCloud and Open. We will use Open to get the s careen shown below where you can access your external storage locations. I’m a heavy Dropbox user and as you can see it is accessible too. To find your file to edit select Working Copy and the browse to the file and it will be opened in Textastic. Once you make changes you will need to go into the Working Copy app and then commit the changes.

In Working copy the menu on the left will show you the folders with modified files.

By drilling down into the folder(s) you will eventually get to the modified file(s) and then you can see the changes made and then commit those changes.

More to come…


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