I use an iPad as my main daily platform.  It works for me.

I’ve been drawn to the iPad, or iOS in general since I got my first iPod Touch.  I did not have an iPhone since I was given a BlackBerry by the company I worked for at the time, but the iPod Touch really got it all going.  Then I got an iPad 2nd gen and really began to see that I could do so many more things easier and quicker.

What I noticed was I was really starting to get this entire app-centric way of computing.  Lots of smaller apps and each doing something unique instead of a fewer number of massively bloated desktop applications that took forever to learn how to use.  If I wanted to apply some coloring to an image, just find an app that did that.  I’m an IT professional, I do databases and Linux every day, but this new way of computing was nice.  This was simple.  Things just got done.

Now I’m on an iPad Air 2 and iOS has come a long way.  I am using ssh clients, database clients, RDP clients, etc.  I spend a great deal of my time in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  They handle all of the office chores that I need to complete.  They are not as full featured as the desktop versions, and they are no where near as powerful as a full-blown MS Office install on a desktop or laptop, but I don’t need that.  I’m not managing pivot tables.  I am constantly making presentations and I’m leading meetings, and I have found that Keynote is all I need.  I get my presentation decks made quickly and efficiently and I think I’m more productive.  

Work just gets done.  It works for me.


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