CAD on the iPad

In my day job I’ve been able to migrate most of my work to the iPad….  Honestly now about 90% or more of my work is done on my iPad Air 2 with a bluetooth keyboard.  I love the the mobility, long battery life and frankly everything just simply works easily.  I use Pages, Keynote and Numbers for my office suite and they nor nicely integrate with Dropbox.  I use Cathode as a terminal to SSH into the needed machines and I’ve got various database clients, etc.  All is good.

Move on to after-hours and personal time I was still stuck on my Mac or Linux machine using QCad for drawing and stuff.  After a long time searching I found BiiCADoo Pro.  It is a full CAD program for the iPad that works in DXF file format, integrates with DropBox.  This is a full CAD program with all the features you’d expect, at least for me.  I’ve been able to open my Skeeter 40 DXF file and start cleaning up and updating the design, picking up from the work I had started in QCad.  Pretty darn cool.

Now, I just need to upgrade to an iPad Pro for more screen area.


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